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Further information about our wood types


Red Grandis (Eucalyptus Grandis)

Also known as Rose Gum or Flooded gum is a straight grained hardwood with a colour ranging from pink and white cream to light rose. Commonly used as an alternative to mahogany or sapele due to aesthetic similarities and durability. (1)

Name Specification

Red Grandis is a trademark name of plantation grown Eucalyptus Grandis that has a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification, indicating the sustainable and green nature of the timber. This trademark name typically also refers plantations located in South America (Uruguay and Brazil). (2)


Eucalytus Grandis is native to eastern Australia, however, Red Grandis plantations are commonly located in the north of Uruguay. The climate in Uruguay offers ideal environments for the growth of plantation grown eucalyptus since the start of its forestry industry in 1980 and has steadily become a popular source of Red Grandis timber. (2)

Mountain Ash (Eucalyptus Regnans)


Also known as Victorian Ash or the Tasmanian Oak is a straight grained hardwood with visible gum veins and stringy coarse texture. This hardwood is commonly pale brown but can also be a pale blonde colour that is prized by the wood flooring and furniture industry. (3)

Name Specification

The name 'Mountain Ash' originated as some thought it looked similar European Ash timber, however, others thought its properties resembled oak and hence the name Tasmanian Oak. (4)


Eucalyptus Regnans is native to the mountain regions of Tasmania and Eastern Victoria and is one of the tallest species in the Eucalyptus family. Although it is harvested in its natural range, it is commonly grown in plantations in New Zealand, Chile and Africa which also provide sources for its wide use in Australia and New Zealand. (4)



Rattan is a naturally renewable palm that grows in the tropical regions of Africa, Asia and Australasia. It's light, flexible and durable nature has found uses in a variety of places including furniture, handicrafts, and building materials. (5)


Belonging to the Palm family (Arecales or Palmea), rattan includes 600 species that are dived into 13 genera. Their variety is widely distributed in their native tropical climates of Asia, Africa and Australia. Due to this, commercially grown rattan is mainly produced in the tropical regions of South east Asia. (5)


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