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Delivering custom designs for your unique style

Our furniture ranges are designed for style and comfort, with new designs created regularly to give our clients refreshing products and flexibility.

Wide Handson Bros. specialises in custom design wood furniture that is precisely tailored to echo each client's own unique story and style.

Each year, Wide Hanson Bros designs and creates a number of furniture ranges that are inspired by modern day trends. 

These are presented to our clients who review them within their teams. The selected ranges then have the option to discuss any additional changes required to further tailor the products to satisfy the client's exclusive design needs. 

We also produce custom designed wood furniture ranges upon request from clients*.

To explore our current product portfolio click here.


Call us, email us, talk to us! 
Even if you are just interested or would like to learn more about us. Our team is more than happy to speak to you about how we can help!


Let's get to know you

Speak to us about what sort of wood furniture styles you are after and what purpose and setting you require them for. Through understanding you and your needs, we can then look into the the current ranges available or alternative options to tailor specifically to your tastes.


It's about YOU

Decide on whether you want to choose from our pre-designed ranges or if you would prefer to have a range of wood furniture custom designed*. Our pre-designed collections are also customisable in a variety of ways and flexible to your needs. This includes a spectrum of different wood finishes that can be applied to achieve specific styles**.

To learn more about our variety of wood finishes, refer to Custom Finishes.


Lets chat in detail

We sit down to work out the details of your desired range and create a timeline of the process. Details including your order quantity, pricing, production time, delivery and other specifications are discussed and confirmed so we are on the same page with the process and  how your order will progress.


We work out the rest

We start working on producing your orders according to our agreed timeline! If we are custom designing a range for you, then we will schedule appointments to discuss reiterations and spend time tailoring the design until you're happy. Production will follow once the design is confirmed and your order will be on its way!

* Conditions apply - custom designed furniture ranges must be ordered in bulk, for further details, please contact us.

** Certain finishes may not be suitable for certain types of wood, however this will be discussed with you if such a case occurs.

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